About Us

Innovators by tradition

DRM is a company with innovation in its DNA. We are not talking about innovation as an end to itself, but significant and functional innovation, the one that improves machine-user relationship and lasts for long, making coffee grinder still innovative and original after a 20-year use.


On Demand Storico

This has happened since the beginning. In the eighties, in addition to patenting the famous DRM hybrid burr and a belt system for the most demanding customers, DRM put on the market a coffee grinder that combined user-friendliness and professional quality with the need of having a product dedicated to decaf and other minor coffee blends.

And so DRM On Demand coffee grinder was born, with the same motor and grind burr of classic model, but smaller and ideal for an ever fresh ground coffee. Perhaps market was not yet ready for it and the first On Demand model remained a niche product for long; a very high demand for this coffee grinder during the last years has nevertheless ratified the success of an idea. DRM is not chasing innovators, it takes part in them all along.


The Company and the Group

DRM is a historical company located in Milanese hinterland, that combines a 30-year tradition and experience in producing coffee grinders with a young and future-oriented management. Everybody in DRM has the same goal: to achieve excellence in coffee grinding, which is reachable only by keeping the highest quality standards throughout all the product chain.


The entrance of DRM within Pielle Group has then allowed the company to integrate further productive processes as die casting, in order to offer an always better  quality/price ratio.


DRM designs, produces and exports professional coffee grinders all over the world, directly or through distributors.

on-demand Coffee Grinder

DRM product range covers all needs, from smaller coffee shops to big coffee roasters, but this is not enough: to satisfy the most demanding customers, DRM makes a Customer Service Team and a technical department available to study tailored models. This way, DRM can support coffee machines producers, distributors, coffee roasters and coffee shops delivering customized, quality products.
Today our On Demand coffee grinders have integrated enhanced technology, high productivity and captivating design though remaining user-friendly.DRM: grinding for the love of it.





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